Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hilliard City Council Candidate

It was announced this week in the Hilliard Northwest News that one of the candidates for Hilliard City Council this November will be a gentleman named Dan Nichter. If you live in the City of Hilliard proper (and not in a township, as I do), you will have the opportunity to consider Mr. Nichter on the ballot. In your deliberation, I encourage you to read this article published by the Darby Creek Association in 2002.

I'll be quite interested to see if Mayor Schonhardt supports Mr. Nichter's candidacy. The tract of land referenced in this article is owned by Homewood Homes. It fills the entire gap between the current Hilliard City limits and the site of the third high school.

None of this is a coincidence in my opinion.

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  1. Further information about Mr. Nichter:

    First, he was arrested for Drunk Driving.

    Then he had his Appraiser's License revoked (for those with access, check out case 2:07-cv-0483 filed in the US District Court)

    I wonder what National City thinks about all this?

    I warned you about this guy...