Friday, March 16, 2007

Strickland to Hilliard: You're On Your Own

Since the inception of the SaveHilliardSchools website and blog, I have been saying that our community cannot expect the State of Ohio to increase its financial support of our school district. Many school districts in Ohio are in much worse shape financially than Hilliard, and it is naive to think the Governor and Legislature would send more money our way when we are viewed as one of the more wealthy districts, and there is not enough money to go around as it is.

In his proposed 2008-2009 budget, Governor Strickland has indicated that Hilliard City Schools won't get a dime more than we do now: $36,764,276.

So we still need to answer this fundamental question: How are we going to deal with the looming $100+ million operating deficit projected by the district Treasurer?

And why isn't the School Board and the School Administration talking about it right now? It's not like they haven't been asked! Could it be that the folks running for office this November want this pending disaster dealt with only after the election?

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