Monday, December 10, 2007

District Communications: Still Lacking Detail

The latest issue of the District's Passing Notes was in the mailbox when I arrived home this evening. On page 2 is a story titled "Financial Forecast."

Once again, their communications about school finances is lacking almost any detail.

I really don't understand why the District leadership would spend all the money necessary to mail a four page, full color glossy newsletter to tens of thousands of households, and not use the opporunity to educate the community - especially right after deciding to put a substantial permanent operating levy on the ballot.

I felt the same way when the District published the May 2007 issue of Passing Notes, this time as a front page story, and I wrote to them with several suggestions. Apparently it had no impact.

At the end of the story is instructions on how to find the Treasurer's Five Year forecast on the district website. It tells you to look in the "Fiscal Services" area, but doesn't say that you first must select the "Departments" tab from the left side menu. From there you can select "Fiscal Services" then "Financial Reports" (from the tab at the top).

On that page you will find lots of links to various financial items. Click on "Five Year Forecast and Assumptions" to read the report.

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  1. "Passing Notes" is intended only as a slick piece of advertising. And that model might've worked in the past but I think they're behind the curve (not surprisingly). Anyone under the age of 45 is pretty well clued into how advertising is manipulative and how it often provokes a backlash - which is why smart advertising now uses humor and often pokes fun at itself.

    It seems the school district neither informs nor does advertising well.

    Btw, saw the piece in Northwest News on suburban blogs and your mention. You rightly got credit for not just blogging but in stepping up and actually running for office.