Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Poke

I have been notified by a school official that the Board will not be holding their scheduled retreat at Northpointe after all.

It seems like this would have been a good thing for the Board to report in their announcement of the cutbacks.


  1. ouch! I find it very interesting that they contacted you about this less than 8 hours after you posted it. Sounds like somebody is a bit sensitive to the Camp Joy cut. I'm beginning to wonder if the Board was sold a "bill of goods" from McVey and Wilson and the Board is beginning to regret the choice they made and the effect it is having on the parents of the community. I also can't help but wonder if the parent group will be angry enough to not vote for the levy. Did the Board even ask for clarification on the cuts? Did they just take McVey and Brian Wilson's word for it? Was there ANY due diligence?

  2. Is there a contact person for the group of parents working on saving Camp Joy for this summer? I just found out about the cancellation. The news just started to spread around my neighborhood.

  3. The Board will be holding their retreat as planned on June 17-18, but it will be at the Central Office Annex rather than Northpointe.

  4. Main Camp Joy Contact person that I know of is:
    Lisa Ford
    I know she spoke at a few of theBoard meetings - but act quickly, time is running out