Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Albany Teachers' Union Contract

The Columbus Dispatch reported today that the New Albany school board and the teachers' union have agreed to a new two-year contract. According to the news story, the teachers agreed to a 2.75% base pay increase for the first year, and no increase for the second year.

However, the agreement does allow negotiations to be reopened for the second year if new revenue is obtained. The story did not say exactly what kind of new revenue would trigger that clause.

The story also failed, as is usually the case with the Dispatch, to point out that the New Albany pay grid includes the same type of step increase present in every other Ohio teacher's union contract I've examined.

While the Hilliard step increase is current a fixed 4.15% across all years and all education levels, the New Albany structure has different increase amounts depending on the years and education level. For example, a first year teacher with a BA/BS gets a 4% step increase for the second year, while a first year with a Master's gets 4.3%.

So the complete picture is that the New Albany teachers will get about 6.75% in the first year and 4% or so in the second year of this new contract - unless the district gets additional revenue, in which case they want more.

The starting salary for a New Albany teacher with a BA/BS will be $38,837 under their new agreement. In the new HEA agreement, the same teacher would be paid $36,160.

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