Monday, October 27, 2008

KJ Says: Make Your Voice Heard

The following is a message from KJ, a frequent commenter on this blog and an active contributor to our community.

One of the most important things that Paul's site has offered is the ability for various viewpoints to be expressed and discussed. A by-product of this "conversation" is not only an education of how the district operates but also a shared idea of how to make it better. Independent of one's stance on the upcoming levy, we all share one thing in common: We have a desire to make this district better.

Some believe we should send a message and vote down the levy now while others believe we should pass this levy and then get to work fixing the core problems that plague this district. Regardless of your position, you will have the opportunity to cast your vote, as you see fit, regarding the 6.9 mil levy that is on the November 4th ballot. Another important opportunity we have is to put the district on notice of our expectations for the coming years. Nothing is more powerful than an informed public that let's its representatives know where they stand. In this case, our representatives are 5 board members that comprise the Hilliard Board of Education. Additionally, we have influence on both the HEA and Administration, as a major portion of their revenue stream comes from us, the community.

I'm not asking you to vote one way or another, but I am asking you to communicate your position to the district* and the reasons why. Also, I encourage you to lay out your expectation of outcomes to either RECEIVE your vote or KEEP your vote in future elections. I offer two documents (one for those that vote for the levy and one for those who vote against the levy) as a guide for your communications with the district. Feel free to use all of my words or none of my words, I only offer these documents as guides. I just ask that all of us communicate our expectations to the district and hold them accountable to achieve those outcomes. Either way, the groundswell of public interest does not stop with this election…… The real work only begins!

I appreciate the candid discussion on this site and those that participate in this fruitful dialogue.


* Our district leaders:

Denise Bobbitt, Board President;
Andy Teater, Board Member;
Dave Lundregan, Board Member;
Doug Maggied, Board Member;
Lisa Whiting, Board Member;
Dale McVey, Superintendent;
Brian Wilson, Treasurer;
Rick Strater, President of HEA;
Gary Heyder, President of OAPSE, Local #310


  1. kj - very nice piece of work! I just sent my version to all of the parties; as I still have not made the firm decision to vote Yes, I used ideas from both of the letters. Probably too late today to hear any response at the meeting tonight but I will be there with open ears and eyes. Thanks!

  2. I have to admit, I'm very surprised by the 2:1 ratio for the levy in Paul's poll. I know it isn't statistically significant, but it's still more favorable that I would have guessed.

    Anyone sending comments or are hillirdite and I on our own?

  3. I'd hope that folks reading this blog are accepting our logic and choosing to support the levy - which means this poll would have a definite PRO bias. I still think it's going to be a nail-biter.

    As of last night, each of the letters had been downloaded about 20 times. Who knows how many have been sent in...


  4. Perhaps if the District went with the honest information, straight-forward message and open dialog that appears in this blog community, it would be more likely to pass the levy in the HSD community. Hmmm... food for thought to those lurking from the District. You cannot argue with the NO votes that have turned to YES by this method.

    BTW, the planned meeting for the 16th will need to change. Stay tuned for confirmation on future date and location.

  5. Yeah, my fault on the date change - bad calendar management. Thanks for your patience Mark!