Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec 1 Meeting Report

By Mark Morscher

17 people interested in forming a public presence of this blog meet on December 1st to discuss current issues, the future of this group, and get an integrated view of school funding in person. The meeting involved much interaction amongst the attendees and verified that the groundswell of concerns brought up during the last year continues to exist even after the Levy vote, and it demands organization.

Our next meeting will be
Tuesday, January 6, 6:30pm, Hilliard Public Library Meeting Room.

Please join us and bring friends!

Based on the feedback received and observed during the meeting, the following themes were common:

  • Most people had heard the information in Paul's presentation before, but seeing it integrated helped clarify the "big picture".
  • Overwhelmingly, people feel a group like this is needed and will attend future meetings. People want to start now, desire to see action and momentum, as well as to meet regularly.
  • There were many different agendas and "hot points" discussed. We need to coalesce these into a clear platform and action plan.
  • This group needs to be publicized amongst the district constituency to a wider audience and continue to grow.
  • There is a desire to impact local and statewide practices, but a lack of knowledge how.
  • There are many questions and concerns regarding staff size, compensation, union organization and inconsistent quality.
  • There is frustration in the lack of communicated, long-term planning and vision coming from the BOE and Administration. For example, at the current forecast, how much and when will the next levy be needed? What is being done now to reduce the size or need? With the reduction in state aid possibly 10%, what planning and risk management is being done to alleviate the impact? Is the policy for having a 10% reserve going to be met?

Goals/Next Steps

For the short term, I believe the agenda for the next meeting (1/6/09, 6:30pm, HIL Library Meeting Room) should be:

  • Continuing Education: Understanding the "Constitutionality" controversy (presentation by Paul)
  • Create the charter/scope/mission for the group.
  • Identify what we can influence in the short term and what needs to be tabled. (i.e. we are not going to be able influence teacher compensation structure)
  • Immediate Action: Formally request the BOE to create a Strategic Planning Committee
  • Plans for grassroots awareness/marketing: Community organizations, neighborhood groups, other outreach.
  • Discuss goal of November '09 slate of Board of Education Candidates

We need to brainstorm and assign ownership to these items. Come January 6th prepared with your ideas and desire to participate!

As a starting point, I have created a candidate Charter:

As taxpayers, parents and involved citizens of the Hilliard City School District, we will communicate the concerns and expectations of the District's constituency to the Board of Education, Administration and employee organizations in a concise form in order to assist in establishing the goals and action plans necessary for the sustained quality, success and fiscal solvency of the District.

I look forward to seeing you January 6, 6:30pm at the Hilliard Library Meeting Room!



  1. I'm coming to my first meeting. Sounds interesting. Unless I get tied up at work, I plan on attending on Tuesday Jan 6th!!!

  2. Mark, some excellent numbered points and a very good concise statement of where you want your group to go

    Congrats to you, and best of luck in your endeavors toward this.