Saturday, July 4, 2009

Announcing is a non-partisan group of residents and business owners in the Hilliard City School District working for the preservation of our excellent schools through sustainable economics.

I'm proud to be one of the founders of this group, and excited about being one of our candidates for School Board this November. I am joined by Don Roberts, a family law attorney and father of three, and Justin Gardner, an accountant and auditor, and a brand new parent. will continue as the place where I post longer stories about things that alarm me, or aren't making sense, about the leadership of our schools. will function primarily as our campaign website, structured to make finding information easy for folks we're just getting to know.

We are not alone in this kind of community activism in regard to schools. You are invited to visit and Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability (New Albany) to learn what folks there are saying about the way the leadership of their schools are failing their communities.

More to come…


  1. Paul,

    I wish you and your team good luck; I look forward to seeing your platforms and presentations as we get closer to the fall.

    I will admit that I am nervous about some of the unintended consequences this effort may have (ie; People using your campaign/information only as a justification for their staunch NO vote, which they would have anyway.).

    However, just as in Taxin' Ted's education plan, I feel that something is better than nothing. At least we are talking about education funding. And at least we'll be talking about local school funding.

    Heck, I'm gonna have a lot of free time this fall because of my own school districts'/communities experiment with this very same thing! By many of the posters POV, our BOE should have 'learned their lesson', and will be changing policies as a result. We shall see...

    Good luck to you; I pray you have it in your power to save our schools, as your web title indicates!!

  2. MM:


    My first priority has always been to bring the community's level of knowledge about school funding up to a level where an informed debate can take place.

    It's okay to tell me that you think I'm full of crap if you have done your homework. One of the consequences of democracy, even when practiced by an informed public, is that one good idea can lose out to another good idea. I'm prepared for that.

    But too often the debates in our community are like a scene from Monty Python's "Argument" skit: (A: "An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition" B: "No it isn't.").

    Ignorance is never good - especially when mixed with apathy.


  3. MM: By the way, most of our platform and educational material is already over at - give us a visit.