Friday, November 6, 2009

Thank you!

To the voters of the Hilliard Schools community, I am humbled and honored to be entrusted with a seat on your Board of Education.

Congratulations to Lisa Whiting and Andy Teater for being returned to the Board for another term.

Thank you to Terri Botsko and Chris Courtney for your commitment to the community, expressed by your willingness to serve.

To my running mates, Justin Gardner and Don Roberts: Our mission to educate and engage the people of our community on the issues which control the economic sustainability of our schools was advanced significantly by the wisdom and integrity you brought to this election. You were tireless campaigners, and I am proud to have been on the ballot with you.

And to the team: In the few months since our team was formed, you have built a voice which has been noticed and is being heard. More people are visiting your website and joining your emailing list every day, seeking a more comprehensive and independent information source about our school economics than has ever before been available to the people of our community.

Our key campaign message was that the size and frequency of operating levies are directly coupled to whatever terms are negotiated into the collective bargaining agreements with the unions representing our teachers and staff. It is by design an adversarial process. For the School Board to be effective in representing the position of our community, the people must be engaged in the process - not when a levy is placed on the ballot, but when the union contracts are being negotiated. This will take place next year.

Please get informed and be engaged - for the sake of our kids, our schools and our community.


  1. Congratulations Paul on the election. I hope you can bring about the change that Hilliard needs.

  2. An interesting Meet the Press with
    the Education secretary, Charlie Rangel, and Newt Gingrich

    If you can catch the rerun later it is worth time.

    Interesting to see Rep Rangel , Mr Gingritch working together.

    Common theme, parents more involved,
    more structure and expectations on behavior, and a real evaluation system for teachers.

    We have a great opportunity next year to make a difference in our local school district by addressing
    accountability, real evaluation,
    parents involved, and managing our future community invested dollars not just in compensation, but in real change.

    Automatic increases without accountability must change.
    If you want to "work to the contract" lets change that as a community