Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Answers regarding Resolutions of Necessity

In the previous article, I noted that there was a question whether a School Board could submit more than one Resolution of Necessity to the County Auditor.

The answer is Yes - a School Board can submit as many resolutions as it wishes. In fact, some School Boards choose to submit several resolutions at the same time, each with different levy amount, so that they have a opportunity to use that information to make their final determination of the levy amount to put on the ballot.

The County Auditor turns these Resolutions around pretty quickly - it's not a hard calculation for them after all. Treasurer Brian Wilson told me that we had our response back from the County Auditor by Thursday of the same week we submitted it.

It would have been good to know these things when I made my motion at last week's Board Meeting to postpone a decision until we could have more detailed discussions, as it might have least received a second - since the reason expressed for withdrawing the second was a concern that action had to be taken that night in order to leave enough time for the County Auditor to perform their required actions.

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