Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notice of Special Meeting

(RC 3313.16)

Notice is hereby given; there will be a SPECIAL meeting of the Board of Education of the Hilliard City School District on MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011 at 7:00 P.M. located at the Hilliard City School District Administration Annex Building, 5323 Cemetery Road, Hilliard, Ohio. The meeting will be held in regular session to discuss budget reductions, personnel actions and any other business that may be lawfully considered.

The meeting is called by Brian W. Wilson, Treasurer/CFO of the Hilliard City School District Board of Education, at the direction of the President of said Board.

March 24, 2011
Brian W. Wilson, Treasurer/CFO
Hilliard City School District
Board of Education


  1. I'll be there with the camera rolling.

  2. I am planning on attending.

  3. Paul,
    Can you provide any clarity on what will be happening at this meeting? I am confused at what it means that the board will be voting on potential "budget cuts" as has been previously described in the media. Why is a vote necessary at this point when a list of cuts has already been put out there? Will the board be discussing an "add on list" due to the reduced funding from the proposed state budget? Is the board only seeking public feedback on the items that are already listed should the levy fail?

  4. The President and Superintendent have not communicated the agenda, other than the words we all see in the meeting notice.

  5. I am confused; I thought there was a board meeting already scheduled for that date and time and place?

    Also: "The meeting will be held in regular session to discuss budget reductions, personnel actions and any other business that may be lawfully considered."

    Does that mean that, again, public participation will be prohibited, unless you're the child of a board member?

  6. Although there is normally a school board meeting on the 4th Monday of each month, there was no meeting planned for 3/28 because it, I presume because it is the first day back after Spring Break.

    The agenda just came out, and there is time for Public Participation.

  7. Actually, if you go back to the agenda for the organization meeting at the start of the year that had the 2011 scheduled meetings on it, March 28th was already there as being in the annex building...

    Saw the agenda; good to see we're not being silenced again :-)

  8. Interesting, because if you look at the posted minutes of the Organizational Meeting, it's not listed. Nor is it listed in the agenda I have on file.

  9. Thanks to Justin and Mike for their comments - although they fell on totally deaf ears and reinforced my reasons for voting No on the levy. When the President of the Board (correct me Paul if I have the wrong person) can sit there with a straight face and practically boast about "breaking the mold"(paraphrasing here) and forcing the union members to finally start contributing to their health insurance, and how contentious that was in 2008, and then never mention the 3% base and 4.2% steps granted at the same time, immediately on the heels of a FAILED levy, then there is no hope that this Board will do us any better over the summer as they simply refuse, in public anyway, to ever mention compensation issues. My god, I shudder to think what the unions will wrangle out of them if the levy DOES pass! I am not comfortable speaking to that group in that setting, but I left with one major question: WHY these particular cuts, and are they willing to defend both the cuts and the budget items NOT cut? Since Mr Maggied indicated he has not heard from one resident about the cuts, I'll change that in the morning - not that an e-mail to the board ever results in anything more than an acknowledgment of receipt. (Kind of like the responses regarding the speakers tonight, and most nights)

  10. Yes! Thanks to Justin and Mike for their comments and to Paul for speaking up about the academic cuts being proposed instead of some of the multitude of high school extracurricular activities. The only bright lights that I took walking out of there is that there are voters speaking up and the entire board stated that if needed the cuts could be readdressed and amended. Well, it is time that we e-mail the board and write letters and point out to other voters the poor choice of cuts to be made. Academics should come first in this district and since salary reductions, etc. will not be negotiated or mentioned until required by the need of a new contract cuts should be made in all non-academic areas first and spread across all students.