Friday, April 8, 2011


Pencil in Saturday May 7, 2011 - 9:00am to 10:30am for a Coffee with the Board at the Central Office Annex.  The official announcement should come soon.

Coffee with the Board – Canceled for April 20

The Hilliard City Schools Board of Education is cancelling the April 20 Coffee with the Board event due to the Hilliard City Council Meet the Candidates Night. The board would like for residents to be able to attend both important events. The coffee will be rescheduled and the details will be shared with the community once they are determined.

Note: although this was originally posted on April 18, I'm moving it down in the order so that the 'Budget Knobs' story is at the top of the blog until after the election - as many folks only read what's at the top of the blog (according to the traffic statistics).


  1. Wow, interesting, and issued Friday ?????????
    Oh the communication. Wondering if this had not been posted here, how a regular everyday citizen would have found out. ????????????????

  2. We spread the word last week on many fliers to parents concerned about the academic cuts and then we heard it may not happen due to an event with the City Council Candidates. I am glad that it is still on and thank you Paul for sharing the announcement. At this moment, it is not on the district website.

  3. For those who subscribe to comments only, note that the Coffee with the Board previously scheduled for 4/20 HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

  4. Ba-da-boom!

    I believe we suggested last week that this would happen, and this would be the "excuse".

    Any bets the "rescheduled" meeting will be after the election?

    Please donate to our cause. You can click on the Donate button on the website.

  5. Which residents wouldn't have a choice to go to either or both events? Coffee was to start at 6:00, candidates night starts at 7:00. Looks like interested voters could make both if they really wanted to. Seems some members of the board are only concerned with their OWN attendance at candidates night.

    If the school board wanted to be courteous to the residents of the SCHOOL DISTRICT, they actually would not want to cancel due to a conflict with an event that only a minority of district residents might be interested in attending. This is candidates night for a primary with only republican candidates...not all Hilliard residents could even vote. So, the rest of city of Hilliard residents, residents of Dublin and Columbus, and those of the townships, will be asked to "understand." This board is not being considerate of its constituents at all.

  6. Come have Coffee with the Board in Mid-May and we will have an Heart-to-Heart about what to spend the remaining 10% of the Levy.

  7. ForHilliardKids will be hosting a community get-together on Tuesday April 26th from 6:30-8:30pm at Jed's Fireballs & Brew in Hilliard. (That's the old Damon's building off of Mill Run.)

    Please join us for an evening of discussion with our neighbors in the community. If the board wont hold a coffee, well then, I guess we have to do it ourselves.

  8. The April 25th Board Meeting is still on the calendar for 7pm at Washington Elementary. Unless the coffee meeting is rescheduled for that week, this will be the last chance to speak to the board before election day.

  9. Just a note from this evenings Rep. Primary Council Meet the Candidates

    ???? on how they stand on school levy.

    Ioeuso sp Yes
    Painter No
    Uttley No
    Erb No
    Roberson sp leaning against but has not cast ballot, kind of on the fence.

    All said they support schools, but refreshing that we actually go some yes/no answers.

    Not good timing mentioned more than once on a tax levy, and comments about listening and hearing what community is saying as they are door to door.

    There was one other comment made after the program but in deference will not comment other to say that it "shore was interesting "

  10. Wow. 3.5 local politicians openly saying they are against a school levy.

    Well, the levy has some guaranteed yes voters and some guaranteed no voters.

    If turnout is strong, this levy could lose big.

  11. Just a short note is that the attendence at the council candidates meeting was somewhat disappointing. Maybe 40 but also included elected officials, families of candidates. I give the 5 people running credit for showing up and standing up to say yes or no (for the most part)

    I think many more people would have shown up at the coffee. So no real open discussion except for pro levy supporters ( And they certainly would be remiss if they didnt speak up )and the rest of the community has no outlet on a one to one basis in a community forum with our District Leaders. Somewhat disappointing.

    Also do we have any additional information on the push poll ? for thelevy. Thanks

  12. Pencil in Saturday May 7, 2011 - 9:00am to 10:30am for a Coffee with the Board at the Central Office Annex. The official announcement should come soon.

    Should be plenty to talk about since this will be after the levy vote is in.

  13. Thanks Paul for this important update. Those with concerns voiced here need to make it a priority to be there.

  14. Nothing on the district web site - is this event going to happen or not? Thanks.

  15. Haven't heard a peep. Interesting PR strategy don't you think?

  16. Paul - No, I don't find it interesting at all. And to even refer to it as PR bastardizes the term - relations with the public is the last thing on the minds of the other board members. The only thing I do find interesting is that I did not read anything about a rescheduled date except here. Don't take that the wrong way - I am not questioning your post nor your integrity, and I might have easily missed it if it was published elsewhere. I am questioning where, and who, that date came from, and the sincerity of the board in tentatively scheduling it. Meanwhile, I am going to keep my normal Saturday schedule, which does not include meeting with the school board. Listening to automatons is not high on my list of weekend leisure activities.

  17. The notice has just come out - the Coffee with the Board is on for this Saturday (May 7) at 9:00am until 10:30am at the Central Office Annex.

  18. Hmmm, 4 days advance notice and still nothing on the district web site that I can find. Assuming it appears in our local papers, that would be 2 days notice. Guess they want to make it an intimate affair.....

  19. And not one person should be suprised about this type of deliberate, pathetic, unprofessional,
    uncaring, selfish, arrogant......... It shows how this board feels about the community.