Friday, June 8, 2012

Supplemental Materials for Board Meetings

I'm still hoping that one of these days, we'll get all the materials provided to the School Board members in preparation for the Board meeting published to the District website, in additional to the agenda. Until then, I'll make them available in this folder on Google Docs. There will be one folder for each meeting, with the folder name indicating the meeting date as yyyymmdd (so they can be easily sorted in chronological order). Therefore the folder for Monday's meeting is 20120611.

I would especially like to hear your feedback on the recommended changes to our policies, which is the body of local rules under which our school district operates. The full set of policies are available on the district website.


    The Superintendent/designee will provide the Board President with a report summary of any all
    such reported incidents of hazing and/or bullying following all the provisions as outlined in ORC 3313.666 and post the summary on the District’s website, to the extent permitted by law.

    1. JTM: I brought up your suggestion re the reporting timeline for the bullying reports. pl

  2. I would also like to see Hilliard CSD post enrollment reports on the district website, like Olentangy LSD does.

  3. Thanks JTM: I agree with you.

    STJ: Reasonable request. Note that in the meantime, I'm posting the enrollment reports here.

  4. Paul, is there a reason why only electronic bullying is singled out for possible suspension?!?! Surely this should apply to verbal, written, etc., as well??

  5. Really?

    It takes the action of an individual member of the Board to post one of the most fundamental pieces of information about the School District to a public location?


    To any other Administrator or Board Member reading... please take note.

    And to everyone else... be thankful someone like Paul is on the Board communicating this type of information.

  6. M: I see what you're talking about. The new language does seem to single out just that one form of bullying as one that could result in suspension. The goal seems to be to include bullying via electronic means as being the same as bullying by other means, but the suggested language change to policy JFCF goes beyond that to include the consequences, which is more properly described in the accompanying regulation, JFCF-R. Thanks for the catch.

    Mark: Thanks.

  7. Great comment Mark, yes we are very lucky to have Paul on the board, but are we all really suprised. I am still waiting for that remediation discussion that we should be having IF we are actually concerned about our childrens future ! And......... Paul, please in the middle of a tight economic situation, why we have 6 weight room
    team members for the summer in each HS> What are the qualifications, have looked consistently for this posting or are these simply extra economic rewards for the same people on the same list. Dont these need to be posted as they are working in taxpayer funded buildings and equipment. ?