Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Supplemental Material for July 9, 2012 School Board Meeting

... can be found here.

Note the report from the Audit & Accountability Committee. They are formally recommending that the School Board and Administration augment the 2020 Strategic Plan with a financial component, and I wholeheartedly agree with this.


  1. On Page 13 of the policy changes, shouldn't it read, "Students found responsible for harrassment, intimidation or bullying by written, verbal, electronic or physical acts may be suspended." The way it is written could be understood that a student would only be suspended for electronic acts.

    1. Thanks. Another community member had the same observation, and I've passed it on to the other School Board members for consideration.

  2. "Additionally, the District managed to stretch the span between the last two levies, going four years rather than the projected three years by managing costs relative to the revenues received and cash on hand."

    It did? 2008-2011 is now 4 years?

    That said, this:

    "Young students entering grade school and their parents deserve to know that the Board is working with a long-term plan to ensure that resources will be available to provide that “Excellent” education in the future as it is provided today."

    Seems at least the AAC has been listening. The current method of managing the district's finances -- levy to levy -- is grossly unfair on the parents of younger kids, and outright offesnive toward the parents of children yet to enter Kindergarten.

    Paul, I hope the board is listening because there will be repercussions for board members if they continue to ignore this...