Friday, October 5, 2012

Supplemental Material for the Oct 8, 2012 School Board Meeting

Here are the supplemental documents for the meeting of the Hilliard Board of Education to be held at 7pm on Monday Oct 8, 2012 at Hilliard Station Sixth Grade Building.

The minutes from the School Board Retreat held 10/27-28 give little perspective on the hours of presentations and discussions which took place. I was both encouraged and disappointed by how this year's Retreat went, and will give you my thoughts in a future article.

From the Central Office: Hilliard City Schools invites residents to the first “Online Lunch with the Superintendent” this school year. This interactive community engagement opportunity allows residents to not only learn more about the district, but to ask questions from top-level decision makers in the Hilliard City School District. The October 10 session begins at noon and will focus on what innovation means for Hilliard City Schools. The session will begin at noon and last about an hour. Participants simply need to go to the district’s website,, and click on the link to join the online discussion.

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