Friday, December 7, 2012

Supplemental Materials for the Dec 10, 2012 School Board Meeting

The supplemental materials are available here.

Item F4 approves an increase in the hourly rate for substitute bus drivers (from $14.25/hr to $16.25 $15.75/hr)*, substitute bus aides, and substitute mechanics. We've been having a hard time filling absences in these roles because the neighboring districts are paying more than our current rate, and those qualified to serve as subs are filling those spots first, often leaving us without enough subs. This pay rate change will bring us back into range and, if I remember the numbers correctly, will cost an extra $100,000 $50,000 per year, but I'm double checking that(confirmed by the Treasurer).

There will be no second Board meeting in December. The next meeting will be the annual organization meeting, which will most likely be held on January 14, 2013 at 6:30pm (this is an agenda item for Monday's meeting). The organizational meeting is when the School Board's officers for the year are elected, committee appointments are made, and various annual resolutions are voted on. Normally, the organizational meeting is followed at 7pm by a regular Board meeting. However, this schedule will not be official until after voted on Monday.

* This amount was reported incorrectly in the agenda as $16.25/hr. The actual rate will be $15.75


  1. I think that increasing this to get qualified and
    responsible bus drivers is not a big issue. These drivers are held and should be held to a high standard. They have a lot of responsibility

    The best thing for any one who really cares about what the heck is going on is to take the 50,000 from the outrageous supplemental contracts being handed out.

    Prediction: Busing will be the first item threatenend to be removed in next levy, when the money is tied up in multiple weight room excessive compensation, mentors, and other multiple employees getting 4 to 5 stipends per year based on WHAT ?

  2. Rick: Just to be clear, these new rates are just for substitute bus drivers. The pay rates of the regular drivers are set via the collective bargaining process.

  3. Yes I am aware ,but this is an important responsibility for both sets of drivers. A bus driver would have to be on duty A bus driver would have to work 250 hours plus to match the stipend of 4,000 plus for some of our regular employees who are squeezing 4 to 5 activities in. How is that possible