Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Supplemental Material for the July 9, 2013 School Board Meeting

Here are the documents provided to the School Board in connection with our upcoming meeting, to be held at 7pm on TUESDAY July 9, 2013 at the Central Office Annex, next to the Innovative Learning Center (the former Central Office building).

This will be the first meeting with Dr. Marschhausen in office as our Superintendent.

If you haven't already noticed, Hilliard City Schools now has an official blog, called Get Connected. The first entry is by Dr. Marschhausen, and I expect he will write many more entries going forward.

Item F1 on the agenda is a resolution to request annexation of a small parcel of land the district owns on Cosgray Rd into the City of Hilliard. This is part of the larger 124 acre tract of land which we recently agreed to sell to Rockford Home. The other 122 acres were annexed into the City of Hilliard long ago, soon after the land was first purchased. Taking care of this annexation now will satisfy one of the several contingencies in the purchase agreement. It may also be helpful (or necessary) to facilitate the annexation of Homestead Park into the City of Hilliard, which is being done to allow water/sewer services to be extended into the park.

Item F3 is the third and final reading of a batch of changes to Board Policies.

Item C3 is the routine resolution approving the Treasurer's Monthly Financial Report.

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