Sunday, April 6, 2014


I must have missed the notices to renew the domain name I've held since 2006 -  It is now apparently in the possession of Majid Hussain, who lives in Birmingham, England. One of the many kinds of entrepreneurs on the Internet - those who somehow find out about expiring domains and snatch them up, hoping to collect a "ransom" to give them back.

Fortunately, that doesn't mean the hundreds of articles and years of work have been lost. I've had the domain "" registered but dormant for several years, so have put it back into service for this blog. I'll put the word out of the change, and hope that folks find their way back. Meanwhile perhaps the scads of spam comments will stop.

All the 400+ articles I've written are still here, and folks should still find them when doing a Google etc search if they're looking for this kind of information.


  1. Paul - thank you for continuing your blog in this forum. Granted, I am generally a non-participant, but the information is interesting. Thank you for your work in speading news of Hilliard schools.

  2. Ah, I wondered why you had quit writing. I have some reading to catch up on.