Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Information Session

From the Levy Campaign website:

Talk to School Board members about Issue 26
Panera Bread at Mill Run
Saturday, March 1, 9-11 a.m.

This may be the last chance before the election.

I have a prior commitment at my church (all are welcome here too!).

If anyone goes to the info session, please post comments.


  1. Crap! I want to go, but I am tutoring kids in math on saturday (yes, I tutor Hilliard kids in math). That's a whole other topic. Not impressed with the high school math program in Hilliard. Not at all!

    If anyone goes, please fill us in!

  2. I cannot go either (a different church funciton), but if anyone gets a chance to go and you have honest and serious questions for the Board, wear a thick skin; your questions will not be welcome.

  3. I disagree with your critique of the high school math program. I am amazed at the opportunities our kids have to excel mathematically and in other areas as well. Both of our kids had the opportunity to start Algebra in 7th grade, something that is rare in most districts. Both had the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Science 7, another course that is unique to Hilliard. And I just came home from the middle school orchestra concert -- where a guest conductor from the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra made the point that Hilliard has some of the best string teachers in the entire state of Ohio. One of the Hilliard string teachers, in fact, was just named Young String Teacher of the Year for the entire state. As a teacher and graduate student, I have had the opportunity to work in several districts--private as well as public--in central Ohio. I have not found one that I believe offers better educational opportunities for my own children. Unfortunately, no matter how good the curriculum/teaching is, there will always be kids who struggle and need the kind of tutoring and individual attention that I applaud you for providing. As we near March 4, I urge everyone to think seriously about the quality of education you want your children to have in Hilliard and to vote FOR Issue 26 to protect these opportunities that truly set us apart as a district!

  4. Notice, too, that Hilliard was recently chosen as the "most affordable" Ohio suburb by Business Week Magazine. See the story on Channel 10's webpage: If this link does not work, simply search the WBNS tv website using the keyword "Hilliard," and the story from January 28, 2008, will appear in the list with the title, "Learn Which Suburb is Among the Best to Live." Hilliard was designated one of the best places to live based on low crime, *good schools* and affordable homes.