Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Are Not Alone

While Googling for something else, and found this blog, written by a man named Jim Fedako in the Olentangy Local School District. I haven't read enough of this blog to know how much I agree with Mr. Fedako's positions, but note the parallel line of investigation.


Update: Mr. Fedako is a former member of the Board of Education of Olentangy Local Schools.


  1. Paul,

    Nice blog. Nice motivation. I understand your points and you make a good attempt to clarify for others and in your own mind the challenges facing many school districts. I like the professionalism you bring from the IT community.

    I think our Olentangy levy will not pass. I think they have asked for too much and threatened the voters. I'll be in favor of a trimmed down honest version.

    Furthermore I think our levy will not pass due in part to two groups of voters. There are a large group of those of us who think the school are great and we want our children to succeed and be offered a quality education but think what they are asking is too much. Then there are those like Mr.Fedako who vote "No" on any levy.

    Be leery of putting yourself in the same boat as Mr. Fedako. Mr. Fedako doesn't want quality schools. He wants no schools. At least no public schools.

    You seem to be understanding and thankful for your children and their quality education. Mr. Fedako home schools (which is a great choice for those who can negotiate the challenges) but laughs at anyone who thinks their children can get a quality education in a public facility.

    Although he won't come out and say it he would take a school with a 200/1 student teacher ratio and find financial fault. He would find a way to cut their budget. He would outsource the teachers to India if he thought it would save him one penny of his tax dollars.

    Keep up the fight for honest quality schools at a reasonable price. I'll bookmark your blog and I wish you and the students and parents of your district success.


  2. After reading more of Mr. Fedako's blog and comments, I can't say I trust his objectivity, and certainly don't appreciate the tone of his writing. I have removed his blog from my Recommended Reading. The takeaway is that other school communities are struggling with the same issues we are.

    However, he did post a link to another blog by Olentangy resident Tim Eby. This entry is worth reading, including the first comment, which is by one of the school board members, Ms. Julie Feasel.

    Beside noting that a Board member was willing to respond to a respectful blog post, it is good to see her write:

    I appreciate you keeping people in the loop and I'd like to invite you to attend a school board meeting. Also, I'm proposing that the district evaluate their communications so that the district residents are informed about financial issues all the time, not just when we're on the ballot.