Friday, April 19, 2013

Supplemental Materials for the April 22, 2013 School Board Meeting

Here are the supplemental materials for next week's School Board meeting, to be held at 7pm on Monday April 22, 2013, at Horizon Elementary. There are three items of significance:

  • E3 and E3 to approve new contracts for a number of teachers, tutors and other certified staff members. Some are being offered new contracts for the same term as their current contracts, some are being offered contracts for longer terms, and a few are being offered Continuing contracts, which is often referred to as "tenure." This process is in accordance with Article 10 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in force between the Hilliard Education Association (the teachers' union) and the Board of Education. 
  • Approval of the Physical Education Course of Study, which was presented to the School Board at our last meeting. 
  • The third reading and adoption of a number of policies.
Congratulations to all those who will be receiving Continuing Contracts. We're fortunate to have you on the team!

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