Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Process Continues

Back in February, I reported to you ("Don't Spend it Yet") that the first rendition of the Biennial Budget for the State of Ohio indicated that our Foundation Aid funding from the State of Ohio could increase by $5 million. That report was accompanied by a caution that this was unlikely to survive the budget process, which has lots of debate and dealmaking left.

The Dispatch reporters who cover education just sent out a Tweet saying: "For all the central OH districts seeing 15, 20, 300% increases in Kasich's budget, House GOP changes caps at 6% per yr."

Since we are to receive $34.6 million in Foundation Aid in FY13, this cap - if true - would limit our additional state funding to $2.08 million - 60% less than the initial indications from the Governor's office.

And the process isn't over yet. I don't know of anyone associated with our school district who believes we'll get any additional money from the State when it's all over.


  1. There is an amendment pending in the House Finance Committee, HC1875-1, which would lift the 6% cap proportionately if state revenue figures exceed the projections. In other words, the entire reason for the cap is that the state cannot afford to fully fund the formula. If it turns out that the state can afford to fund more of the formula than it looks like with current revenue projections, this amendment would let the cap float upward. If you like this idea, a note to your friendly state rep. probably wouldn't be a bad idea...

    1. Thanks for the update Marc. Of course, the issue with the various formulae developed over the years is that none of them have been fully funded, which in turn surfaces the questions of what is a "thorough and efficient education," and how much should it cost?