Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Official: Candidates Certified for November Election

The Franklin County Board of Elections has posted the certified list of candidates who will be on the ballot for the General Election to be held November 5, 2013. For the Board of Education of Hilliard City Schools, the four candidates for three seats are Andy Teater, Lisa Whiting, Brian Perry and me.

Thank you to all the folks who signed my Nominating Petition, and a huge thanks to the several people who helped gather signatures.

I'm sure there will be one or two "Meet the Candidate" events in the coming weeks, and both the League of Women Voters and the Columbus Dispatch will publish voter's guides. I hope these will be useful resources as you decide who you want to represent you in the governance of our school district.

To vote in this election, you must be registered with Board of Elections by 9pm, October 7, 2013. Click here to go to the web page for instructions on how to register.

If you are not sure if you are registered to vote, click here to check online.

If you wish to vote with an absentee ballot, you may apply for one here.

Early, in-person voting will also be available this year. Go here for current information on where you can go for early voting.

I hope that you will grant me the opportunity to represent you on our Board of Education for another four years, and I ask for your vote in November.


  1. Paul- just want to say thanks and good luck. It must feel very thankless sometimes when even people like me who generally agree with you come on here just to gripe. I'm very glad that it hasn't discouraged you yet (at least not enough to not run again).

    For me, you have set the standard by which I judge all those elected to represent me: thoughtful, fair, transparent, willing to discuss the difficult issues, accessible and forthcoming with facts/opinions. All representatives should be required to have a blog like this where they discuss their votes.

    THANK YOU!!!! I'll let everyone know to vote Lambert.

    1. Thanks very much for the feedback. Yours is perhaps one of the finest compliments I've received.

      And I appreciate your endorsement of me to others!