Friday, August 9, 2013

Supplemental Material for the August 12, 2013 School Board Meeting

Here are the supplemental material provided to the School Board for the meeting on Monday, August 12, 2013 at 7pm at the Annex of the Innovative Learning Center (the same place that used to be called the Central Office Annex).

We will be hearing a motion to accept the June Financial Report, plus approve a long list of personnel actions recommended by the Superintendent. A few things caught my eye:

  • The retirement of Lisa Galvin effective the end of this school year. Lisa teaches instrumental music at Bradley and is an assistant marching band director. Before Bradley opened, she taught instrumental music at Heritage, and was the band director there. She wrote the Bradley alma mater, and is also a frequent arranger for the the Ohio State Marching Band (TBDBITL), of which she was a member.
  • Nick McIlwain has been named Athletic Director for Darby High School, filling the role vacated by Chad Schulte, who has become an Assistant Principal at Darby.
  • This is when we approve another batch of supplemental contracts and stipends. I was pleased to see Ken Brenneman join the Choral Music team at Darby as a part-time assistant director, working with Director Mike Martin. Ken is a fixture in the Hilliard arts community (as is his wife, Robin), and I'm glad he will once again be working with our students.
  • We send our prayers to the family of John Michaels, who passed away on July 27. John was a member of the custodial team at Washington Elementary.
On Monday of this week, Andy, Lisa and I had the opportunity to participate in the induction of 65 new teachers into our district. Whatever else happens in our district, the core activity is a teacher in a classroom instructing a group of students. I'm pleased to report that our new team members are bright, motivated, and eager to teach our kids.

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Lastly, the Board will be hearing a motion to accept the school bus routing and schedule for the coming school year. I won't pretend that we'll each read all 248 pages of this schedule, and evaluate the appropriateness and efficiency of each route. We have a competent transportation department, headed by Terry Timlin, and entrust them to implement the Board's policies and keep costs reasonable.


  1. As a band Dad from Bradley (my oldest graduated last year, my youngest started this fall), the departure of Lisa Galvin was a sad day. She has been a treasured member of the band family.

    Not only did she write Bradley's alma matter, she also wrote both of our fight songs (how many high schools have their own fight songs or alma mater, let alone both?), gave us our own arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner and arranged much of our music over the years. In fact, at our very first full home game 4 years ago (game one was canceled due to a storm), the visiting band's halftime show was arranged by Lisa.

    I believe she is returning to Heritage for her final year to finish her career where it started. She will be dearly missed.

    1. I have an fun connection to Lisa. I grew up in Kanawha County WV (Charleston area), and played in marching band all through high school (where I also met Mrs. Lambert). Our director was Bob Leighty, who is still active in the Charleston music community. Last year, when I was inviting him to our 40th high school reunion, he ask me if I knew Lisa, as he knew I lived in Hilliard.

      I said of course. He said to tell her hi, as Lisa and her husband played in a community band in Charleston that Bob directs. Turns out Lisa had lived for a time in the area - I think maybe even went to high school down there as well.

      It was a lot of fun to walk into her office and say "Bob Leighty says 'hi'".

      By the way, Mike Martin, the choral director at Darby, wrote the Darby alma mater. He's another special musical talent in our district - and we have several more.

    2. Paul, allready almost 7,000 in extra spending for an employee with 3 duties plus teaching , and its only August. Thats alot of income for extracurriculars

    3. Sadly, the Bob Leighty I mentioned above died suddenly this week. He will be missed by many.